Chaos, Vision and Will are indeed the essential same components of life.

The word game describes at first glance, the scars of the time on Sandpapers.
But in Italian “scarto” means “scrap”, “waste”, a piece that is a residue of a craftwork. This describes the Sandpapers: used in industrial processes to levigate the wood. I realised that Time had made his magic with his marks and I start enhancing his effects with some touches. So I took agreement with a couple of industries to buy these scraps, each one of them noted with the duration they have been used and the wood they have been used onto.
The twelve pieces of the Scartime collection are 2.50x1.25 m (8.2x4.9 ft) each. Aside the collection of twelve pieces, other smaller (1x1m, 3.2x3.2 ft) have been selected and touched, always in the lightest form.
Under the technical point of view the artwork is “Wood and time on sandpaper”.
There are in the technique indeed three variables:
_ The Grit of the sandpaper
_ The Time of the action, in minutes
_ The wood or pattern of woods levigated
Grit and wood are the ones that leaves the Scars during the Time; ScarTime.

8,20 X 4,10 ft _ 250 X 125 cm
8,20 X 4,10 ft _ 250 X 125 cm
8,20 X 4,10 ft _ 250 X 125 cm
8,20 X 4,10 ft _ 250 X 125 cm
the random casting of time, occurrence and matter
double pieces 3,28 X 3,28 ft _ 100 X 100 cm
double pieces 3,28 X 3,28 ft _ 100 X 100 cm
double pieces 3,28 X 3,28 ft _ 100 X 100 cm
3,28 X 3,28 ft _ 100 X 100 cm
the ability to recognise the hidden beauty in the events
8,20 X 4,10 ft _ 250 X 125 cm
8,20 X 4,10 ft _ 250 X 125 cm
8,20 X 4,10 ft _ 250 X 125 cm
8,20 X 4,10 ft _ 250 X 125 cm
8,20 X 8,20 ft _ 250 X 250 cm
the work of unveiling and sharpening the beauty
8,20 X 4,10 ft _ 250 X 125 cm
12,30 x 8,20 ft _ 375 X 250 cm
8,20 X 4,10 ft _ 250 X 125 cm
Introduction to the Emanuel Gargano’s poetry and concept

Unfocussed, in the focus, Torment turns around me in an ellipsis.
Cause the artist is the cheater at the table of the Fate:
“Twelve, black: born, grow up, die, restart”
I crystallize the hypnosis of the eclipse: “Fiat Lux” it’s the snatch and a wake that is not in me. I work for the Darkness and in the Darkness.
Cause the night is in everything and I reckon when it says to the emotion “Disfigure yourself”
It’s the violence of the nocturnal cardio
The destruction of the intent, mine.
The allegiance between the Omen and the Never
There is the need of a getaway from the sea and the linens: Faust is not waiting Here, Life and Death, opposing music with same deceptive cadence:
Every single day, subtraction
Every single day, division
No one, at the end, intact

The armoured Silence with bolts of Time, fights the lightnings of the humans’ laws.
The anthem of the End waits pointlessly his shift with the patience of the woodworm.
Disinherited, the Shape leaves her trail during the horizontal escape: that’s my horizon.
At the end of the advent, the rip is fulfilled: the pupil reborn in a new letting, a kidnapping with no ransom.
With no momentum nor memento I recognise the lights and the nights:
they’re all already written.

A single “Amen” won’t suffice.

Italian artist and designer Emanuel Gargano is born in Assisi, Umbria.
This area profoundly shaped his creative and emotional sensibilities, and he continues to live and work there in spite that several experiences bring him to different parts of the globe. After graduating from the ISIA (Superior Institute of Arts and Industry) of Urbino, he moved to London and collaborated with architects and artists, where he successfully grasped the calling to blend the concepts of "void" and "nothingness" regarding space, colours and time.
This is his own expression and perspective towards art.

Currently his professional life is carried out between London and his laboratory in Assisi, where he studies and develops his art approach and material research. It would be impossible to confine his multifaceted activities to a single professional eld, as his work ranges from architecture to design, the study of light and arts. His works reveal a deep fascination with either natural and synthetic materials, and he forges any kind of physical matter in search of its innermost soul, a process that is likely parallel to what life itself continues to do with him day by day.

emanuel gargano