Scartime at Urban Zen Gallery

Scartime at Urban Zen Gallery

Urban Zen Foundation, renown patron of arts, brings Italian artist and designer Emanuel Gargano in New York at the Urban Zen Center, in 705 Greenwich St. for his first world exhibit of “Scartime” from September 7th to 24th, giving the chance to the audience to discover the universe proposed by the artist from Assisi.

The title of the exhibit brings evokes indeed the entire Gargano’s poetry and vision.

“Scarto” in Italian means “scrap”, a residue of craftwork. Every piece of Scartime is a scar made by time and chance, cause time leaves scars on every matter, bodies and souls included.

The technique is defined by the artist himself as “sand on paper”, a scar made by time and chance.

Ultimately, Scartime is essentially made of Chaos, the casual effect of time on matter; Vision, the ability to recognise the hidden beauty in every event; Will, the work of unveiling and sharpening the beauty.

New York City